A Salon in the Grove - Metaformic Theory in Berkeley

Starting February 24, 2007

Save The Oaks - The Public is Invited

Sunday Afternoons at 2:00 PM
Memorial Oak Grove, Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley Campus
Starting February 24, 2007

The Salon in the Grove offers a place and time to discuss the meaning and implications of the tree-sitting protest. Guests and tree-sitters will participate in the salon, which will include discussions, games and experiential lessons learned from the tree sitters and the trees. In the first session of the Salon, the tree-sitters will tell their stories of living alone in the trees to protect the trees. We will examine those experiences and perspectives as an evolution of consciousness.

The discussions will be lead by:

• Laura K. Brown, Ph.D., the Salon host, will put the stories of the tree-sitters in the context of Metaformic Theory, that suggests a methodology for the transformation of consciousness.

• Jean Mudge, Ph.D. will highlight the tree stories from the perspective of Emerson and Thoreau.