A Metaformic Action at Union Square

December 17, 2007, 12:00 noon, across from Macy's front door (on Geary St.)

Please come and help us spread the word that menstruation is at the center of culture and needs to be honored.


It is likely that menstruation generated abstract thinking and most forms of human culture. Some examples in today's world are such items as measurement, calendars, geometry, mechanical devices, ritual, ceremony, law, royalty, skirts, hats, jewelry, make-up, shoes and wine.

         Awareness and honoring of woman's menstrual flow, and all that is derived from it, sets humans apart from animals. The conceptualizing of cyclical menstruation, coordinated with that of the moon's, moved us from instinctive animal to thinking human being. Women are at the center of culture. Be proud of your flow.

For more information contact: sharon_maser@sbcglobal.net.