Deborah J. Grenn Bio


Deborah J. Grenn, Ph. D. is Co-Director and Core Faculty in the Women's Spirituality M.A. Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California. She founded The Lilith Institute, A Center for the Study of Sacred Text, Myth & Ritual (1997), is founding priestess/kohenet of Mishkan Shekhinah, a sanctuary honoring the Sacred Feminine in all (2007), as well as Voice of the Spirit, a San Francisco Bay Area women's spirituality/study circle and lecture series. She completed her M.A. degree in Women's Spirituality at New College in 1998, and her Ph.D. at California Institute of Integral Studies. Her dissertation was an inquiry into South African Lemba and United States Jewish women's religious identities, beliefs and ritual practices. Deborah's writings include Lilith's Fire: Reclaiming Our Sacred Lifeforce (Universal Publishers, 2000) and "How Women Construct And Are Formed By Spirit: She Who Is Everywhere In Women's Voices, Kol Isha, Maipfi A Vhafumakadzi" in She Is Everywhere (iUniverse, 2005). Her current research, recently presented at the University of Liverpool's "Women and the Divine" conference, explores the role of the ancient and contemporary priestess.